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Perimeter Protection

Effective perimeter detection

MAST's security directive differs from other providers in that we consider securing the perimeter of the vessel to be key to effective security. Many existing security systems are unable to provide an effective security perimeter outside of the guardrail of the yacht. With the technology we use, we can set an outer security perimeter of up to 100m.

We also consider the complete security requirements for a specific vessel in relation to its cruise pattern and profile.

Latest Smart Technology

Latest Smart Technology

The system utilises the very latest smart technology to ensure that the human response is triggered before someone steps onboard.

  • Effective perimeter detection out to 100m
  • Technical security management system linked to human response.
  • Minimal human input without compromising the security.
  • Cost effective as the cameras do not need to be gyro stabilised.

'Many security systems approach the security of a yacht starting at the gangway and deck. Our philosophy is that when an intruder has a foot on the gangway or is on the deck, it is too late.'