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Superyacht Security Services

Close Protection  VIP Service

Close Protection VIP Service

MAST will ensure that clients enjoy their cruise or visit ashore with complete confidence. Our consultants are from a UK Special Forces background and are experienced in escorting high profile individuals from business, diplomatic and entertainment sectors. We offer complete discretion and absolute confidentiality.

Yacht Helpline


MAST has a global network of offices and a 24 hour operations centre offering a simple emergency answering service to respond to Ship Security Alert System or an answer and deployment service to send support team to country of incident. MAST also has the ability to track and monitor yachts and will ensure the vessels whereabouts in known 24/7.

 Help Line

Cyber Assurance for the Maritime Environment


We offer a bespoke risk based cyber security solution that is unobtrusive and specifically tailored to protect your lifestyle and privacy; your people and your high value assets.

We have developed a maritime specific response to the risks posed by cyber intrusion targeting your vessel management systems, business platforms and your privacy.

MAST Cyber is able to offer a through life assurance solution. With complex integration of technology during yacht build or refit cycles now commonplace we build resilience into your infrastructure to protect the system and therefore the asset as a whole.

Technical services include:

  • Technical vulnerability assessment of the on-board systems and their integration
  • Development of a flexible and resilient security model future-proofed for ease of use
  • Technical assurance that on-board systems are secured in compliance with best practice.
  • Development of a comprehensive cyber security management plan
  • On-board penetration testing of hardened platforms
  • Specialist cyber support to the design, build and fit out phase of the project to ensure security is implicit and evolutionary
  • MAST RED team attack simulation

‘Our unique threat based methodology delivers a realistic, bespoke appraisal of the current state of your cyber security and the risk attackers pose to you’

Specialist penetration testing services include:

  • Network penetration test
  • Application specific penetration test
  • Denial of service testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Shore based system assessment including testing of shore to vessel links
  • Mobile app penetration test

Communications Assurance & TSCM Services

We offer a bespoke risk based communications assurance package.

All your communications and your conversations are subject to a risk of exploitation from intruders or those wishing to gain access to information of either a professional or private nature.

Discrete, rapid and targeted identification and elimination of electronic surveillance devices to ensure that the vessel remains secure from prying and invasive parties. Often undertaken post yard/contractor involvement but can be rapidly deployed upon request to any desired location.

Our highly skilled communications security (COMSEC) team, trained by UK Government departments will provide you and your crew with the knowledge to protect on board communication systems from intelligence collection activities; identify best practice and provide you with the skills to ensure your privacy remains intact.

Services includes:

  • Introduction to Technical Surveillance and Counter-Measures (TSCM)
  • TSCM best practice relevant to your vessel
  • TSCM support and survey
  • Communications exploitation – the external threat
  • Communication exploitation best practice